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Author: Murder Mystery Party UK  Date: 11 May 2022

Gloucester is one of the most beautiful cities in England and is located near the rural area of Cotswolds. The tomb of King Edward II plus the Gothic and Romanesque architecture makes Gloucester an important city.

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Mini UK F.A.Q.

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    • Do we need to hire a party host? It is your decision. You purchase a game from us then host it yourself or hire a murder mystery host to run it for you.
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    • Does everyone get a character on the night? Yes they sure do.
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Glostonians can now throw a killer murder mystery and have fun with friends and family. Click to know how you can organize a murder mystery party in Gloucester.

Which murder mystery games do you sell?

We have a massive collection of murder mystery games of different genres, depending on your need. Usually, there are two types of games; interactive murder mystery games and scripted murder mystery games. You can choose either of them depending upon your interest.

I am the organizer of the murder mystery party, will I still get a character to play?

There are some murder mystery games where the host organizer can also take part as a character.

Some of my friends are shy, will they still enjoy themselves?

If your friends are shy then you should go for the scripted murder mystery games. In such games, the candidates don’t interact with one another and are the best choice if your guests are inexperienced or shy.

Where should I hold the event?

There are a lot of places where you can hold this party in Gloucester. However, renting a room in a hotel would be the perfect choice for you if your budget allows. Otherwise, you can open your house and have a killer time in this cozy place.

Do we dress up?

Costumes are not necessary but if you want to give the game a realistic touch then you must consider them.

How many guests can I invite?

There is no limit to the guests. You can invite as much as you want. However, it is ideal that about 50 to 100 guests take part in it.

What happens at a murder mystery party?

In a murder mystery party, one investigates and solve the mystery by gathering the information from the other players.

Can I add extra characters to my murder mystery party?

Yes! Our games are flexible and can accommodate extra characters.

It’s my first murder mystery party- how does it work?

Murder mystery parties are quite fun actually. At this party, you have to gather some clues relative to the murderer and to find out who the murderer is.

Can you play with more than 20 players?

Yes! You can play with more than 20 players. The more the merrier!

Gloucester is one of the most excellent urban communities in Britain and is situated close to the provincial area of Cotswolds. The burial chamber of Ruler Edward II in addition to the Gothic and Romanesque engineering makes Gloucester a significant city.

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